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Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann is our most popular variety of tree, the Nordmann boasts outstanding retention of needles, which are soft-to-touch, making the Nordmann fir the perfect choice for whole family to enjoy.


Premium potted Blue Spruce

Similar to the Nordmann Fir but featuring smaller needles in denser groups and more upward branches, which combine to help this tree achieve a perfect conical shape when properly grown. Tends to be slimmer than most other varieties making it popular for those with limited space.
We sell our blue spruce premium pot grown comes in sizes from 40/50cm or 4ft


Koreana premium pot grown tree

The Abies Koreana is known for slow growth, as well as being neat/compact making it a perfect tree for those wishing to keep their Christmas “green”, as the Koreana can be replanted in your Garden after the festive season is over. The Koreana’s needles boast a dark green colour, whilst displaying gleaming white colours beneath the needles, creating a beautiful looking tree.
We sell the Premium potted Koreana at 3ft.


My little tree

Christmas tree stands

4_round_stand 4″ Round Cup Stand
Volcano_10 Volcano 10
Volcano_7 Volcano 7